E-lesson is a an electronical teacher's guide created to make school lessons fascinating, informative and effective. It includes illustrative material, worksheets with exercises, additional material, tests, study plans, lesson outlines, etc. The user of the e-lesson is a teacher who shows the corresponding material to students or hands it out to them. Teachers can complement and/or change the material.

What is it?

It is a compilation of all necessary material. The e-lesson is a web based tool available on platform Opiq.ee and requires good internet connection.

E-lesson helps
to improve
study outcomes

The study outcomes of 21% of the students in the test group have improved by using e-lesson.

E-lesson makes
classes more fascinating for the students

Visual material helps the students to acquire the subject taught and catches their attention.

E-lesson helps to save time – teachers need less time to prepare lessons

95% of the teachers in the test group saved time spent on preparing lessons.

What does it include?

E-lesson includes illustrative material (videos, animations, simulations, maps, charts, photos, diagrams, listening tasks, etc) and an example of a lesson structure as well as topical and methodological outlines.
E-lesson contains references to other subjects or other textbooks dealing with the same topic in order to ensure an integrated study process.
E-lesson includes a lot of additional material (worksheets, additional reading, website links) as well as quizzes and tests with answers in order to differentiate teaching.
Lesson description and an example of homework which can be copied from the chapter help to make a summary of the lesson.
Study plan for entire school year can be downloaded and adapted. E-lesson includes instructions and recommendations for using the teacher's book and organizing the work in the classroom.

Teachers’ feedback

Thanks to e-lesson my students consider geography one of their favourite subjects. They have enlisted the following reasons: cool videos; the topic is presented in a way that is very easily understandable; I realise that geography is interesting; I look forward to the next lesson and a new exciting topic; I like it that the lessons are diverse and never boring.
E-lesson helps me save a lot of time. Firstly, I no longer have to put together presentations myself – looking for pictures and videos used to be enormously time-consuming. Secondly, I like the fact that there is additional material for the faster and more ardent students in the e-lesson. I don’t have to look for that myself anymore either.


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